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Our lab is interested in the mechanisms that control cell growth and proliferation, and in understanding how these pathways are disrupted in cancer cells. We study how transcription, phosphorylation and protein degradation contribute to the regulatory network that controls the eukaryotic cell cycle. 


News & Events

September 2020: Postdoc Pam Cote-Hammarlof joins the lab
April 2020:
Our paper about how calcineurin and Hog1 rewire the cell cycle is published in PLoS Genetics
September 2019:
Mackenzie is awarded the Zelda Haidak Scholarship in Cell Biology. Congrats Mackenzie!
May 2019:
An order-to-disorder structural switch activates the FoxM1 transcription factor published in eLife
April 2019:
Mackenzie passes her qualifying exam. Congrats Mackenzie!
November 2018:
 Claudine defends her disseration. Congrats Claudine!
September 2018: A balance of deubiquitinating enzymes controls cell cycle entry published in Molecular Biology of the Cell
May 2018: Michelle passes her qualifying exam. Congrats Michelle!
April 2018: Graduate student Mackenzie Flynn joins the lab

April 2017: Graduate student Michelle Conti joins the lab
September 2016: Technician Cassie Leech joins the lab
August 2016: Tyler Doughty defends his dissertation. Congrats Tyler!
July 2016: Levels of Ycg1 limit condensin function during the cell cycle published in PLoS Genetics
June 2016: Postdoc Ana Gil de Bona joins the lab
November 2015: Our Hcm1 paper is highlighted in the ASCB newsletter
November 2015: Create, activate, destroy, repeat: Cdk1 controls proliferation by limiting transcription factor activity review article published in Current Genetics
August 2015: Hcm1 integrates signals from Cdk1 and calcineurin to control cell proliferation published in Molecular Biology of the Cell

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