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Welcome to the Immunology and Microbiology Program (IMP) at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. The IMP is aan interdisciplinary and interdepartmental group of faculty with diverse research interests in the fields of pathogenesis, host-pathogen interactions, inflammation and immunity. The scope of this work ranges from basic science mechanisms of immunity and inflammation using mice, fly and nematode models to clinical studies in humans of vaccines, as well as infectious, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.  Our mission is to recruit talented, driven and creative graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and provide them with an outstanding training environment.  Through our outstanding faculty and our educational curriculum, we prepare trainees for careers in academia as well as biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Currently, there are approximately 50 graduate students in the program, and program faculty train on average 80 – 100 postdoctoral fellows. 

The IMP Program features cutting-edge research in: Innate immunity and inflammation, Host responses to infection and vaccine development, Fundamental molecular and cellular immunology, Mechanisms underlying bacterial, fungal, viral and parasite pathogenesis, Diabetes and transplantation immunology, Mucosal Immunology, Autoimmunity and Systems biology of host-pathogen dynamics.