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DocuSign is a paperless, digital signature tool.

To initiate a DocuSign form:

  1. Complete the PowerForm Signer Information page accurately and completely and click, "begin signing"
    Please only do so one time to avoid multiple copies of the form being generated
  2. Add information required to the form and click, "finish"
  3. The form will then move along the chain to collect other required information and signatures.
  4. When the form is completed, all signers will receive a copy

Academic Forms

First Year Students

Research Rotation Agreement (BBS14)
Preview BBS14 Initiate BBS14 in DocuSign




Thesis Advisor and Department Financial Agreement (BBS05)
Preview BBS05  |  Initiate BBS05 in DocuSign

imageofwyd.png imagefejw.png


Program Selection (BBS15)
Preview BBS15  |  Initiate BBS15 in DocuSign


Second Year Students

Qualifying Exam Committee Selection (GSBS03)
Preview GSBS03  |  Initiate GSBS03 in DocuSign




General Examiner Checklist (GSBS69)
Preview GSBS69  |  Initiate GSBS69 in DocuSign




Specific Aims Outcome (GSBS72)
Preview GSBS72  |  Initiate GSBS72 in DocuSign




Specific Aims Procedure




Qualifying Exam Outcome (GSBS04)
Preview GSBS04  |  Initiate GSBS04 in DocuSign




Students in Thesis Research

Thesis Research Advisory Committee Selection (BBS06)
Preview BBS06  |  Initiate BBS06 in DocuSign

imagepiign.png imagecc7e1.png image0o6r.png

TRAC Meeting Report (GSBS07)
Preview GSBS07 |  Initiate GSBS07 in DocuSign




CPHR TRAC Meeting Report (CPHR10) 
Preview CPHR10  |  Initiate CPHR10 in DocuSign




Change: Committee Member (GSBS10)
Preview GSBS10  |  Initiate GSBS10 in DocuSign

imagevmqw7.png image1rrg.png imagef3syw.png

TRAC Approval of Proposed Dissertation Timeline (GSBS70)
Preview GSBS70  |  Initiate GSBS70 in DocuSign




MSCI Thesis Advisor Selection Form (MSCI02)
Preview MSCI02  |  Initiate MSCI02 in DocuSign




MSCI Thesis Proposal Outcome Form (MSCI04)
Preview MSCI04  |  Initiate MSCI04 in DocuSign




Dissertation/Thesis Defense

Request for Notice of Dissertation Defense (GSBS11)

imageeh5f8.png imageuy4lk.png imageklw2t.png

Doctoral Dissertation Preparation Guide (GSBS12)

imageq5th2.png image63vff.png


Master's Thesis Preparation Guide (MSCI07)




Dissertation Examination Committee (DEC) Selection (GSBS14)
Preview GSBS14 |  Initiate GSBS 14 in DocuSign

image4vcn.png image6rja.png


Dissertation Defense Outcome (BBS08)
Preview BBS08  |  Initiate BBS08 in DocuSign

imageyjcj.png imageevlq1.png


Master's Thesis Outcome (MSCI08)
Preview MSCI08 |  Initiate MSCI08 in DocuSign




Completion of Degree-Stipend Termination Date (GSBS17)
Preview GSBS17 |  Initiate GSBS17 in DocuSign

imageac2mc.png imagedbjy.png



Request Leave of Absence: Writing Dissertation (GSBS16)

image9drf.png imagerwni.png images1lw.png

eScholarship Permission Letter (GSBS19)
Preview GSBS19  Initiate GSBS19 in DocuSign

imagejzrud.png imageowg6e.png image25jno.png

Survey of Earned Doctorate ONLINE

imagezbxqv.png imageeeo2.png


Graduation Check-out (GSBS20)
Preview GSBS20  |  Initiate GSBS20 in DocuSign

image849tj.png imagefq90r.png imagee6rz.png

Graduation, Commencement and Post-Graduate Information (ONLINE GSBS71)

imagee1fpw.png imageunov8.png imagefbdd8.png

Leave of Absence

Request for Leave of Absence (LOA) or Return from LOA (GSBS31)
Preview GSBS31  |  Initiate GSBS31 in DocuSign

imagegpw9e.png imageazzr.png imagev3iha.png

Request for Parental Accommodation (GSBS32)
Preview GSBS32  |  Initiate GSBS32 in DocuSign

imagewynui.png imageuzft.png image53bca.png


Withdrawal and Stipend Termination Date (GSBS33)
Preview GSBS33  |  Initiate GSBS33 in DocuSign

imagezmj19.png imageyz8ogw.png image91dno.png

Complete with Master's Degree (Non-MSCI)

Request to Change Program to Master’s Degree (GSBS23)
Preview GSBS23  |  Initiate GSBS23 in DocuSign

imagel0gbt.png imagey82z.png


Masters Thesis Preparation Guide (GSBS24)

imagefuiyj.png imageepf71.png


Master's Thesis Outcome (GSBS25)
Preview GSBS25  |  Initiate GSBS25 in DocuSign



Non-Academic Forms

UMMS Employment for GSBS Students (GSBS51)


Incentive Plan for Externally Funded Students (GSBS49)


Student Health Insurance Disbursement (GSBS50)


Registration Forms

Registration forms can be found within the registration page