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Department of Family Medicine and Community Health Faculty Retreat: “Health Care Reform and Primary Care Practice Transformation: Impact on an Academic Department”

Warren Conference Center and Inn; Hayden Lodge, March 4-5, 2011


Friday, March 4:

Health Care Reform and Practice Transformation: Defining the Challenges for Practice, Teaching and Research

Introduction and Welcome, Setting the theme and relating it to the Department’s strategic plan (click here to download a pdf of the Strategic Plan)

Dan Lasser, MD, MPH

Clinical Care: How can we transform our practices so that we provide “a clinically superior healthcare workforce?”
Highlighting quality data from practices to emphasize the imperative for practice transformation across the Department’s practices

Dennis Dimitri, MD

Teaching: Integrating education into a learning organization - Highlighting experience at the Greater Lawrence Family Medicine Residency (Click here to download pdf of presentation slides)

Dean Cleghorn, EdD and Shirin Madjzoub-Celebi, MD

Research: Implementation Research, Clinical Research and Quality Improvement – the Academic Potential for Work in Primary Care; Highlighting the use of implementation science to study methods for the rapid uptake of research findings to improve the health of individuals and populations

Catarina Kiefe, MD, PhD

JIG Saw Exercise: Defining the challenges
Regarding the transformation of primary care practice:

1. In three years, what significant ways should our practices be different than they are today?
2. What changes do we need to make in our residencies to prepare our graduates for practices of the future?
3. What research questions would inform and support our work in providing high quality cost effective care for our patients and their communities?
4. Quality: What do we need to do? How can we develop a culture of quality?
5. Quality: How will we know? What should be our indicators that we have a culture for quality?

Reflection on and focused rigorous discussion of five questions in small groups
Synthesis of responses in five groups, each devoted to one of the questions

Saturday, March 5:

Getting Down to the Specifics: The Department’s Response to the Challenge of Health Care Reform and Practice Transformation

Town Meeting: Smarter or Faster? Managing Competing Priorities as Opportunities for Synergy: Commentary from the small groups
Updates: Patient-Centered Medical Home Pilot Projects

             Resident Quality Projects
             Quality Scholars Program
             Chair’s commentary
             Open Discussion

Faculty: Ron Adler, Stacy Potts, Jim Ledwith, Jeanne McBride, Dan Lasser

Brief Video Interlude with Anna Doubeni: Screening of

Progression of 200 countries in 200 years in 4 minutes: HEALTH vs. WEALTH

Statistics come to life when Swedish academic superstar Hans Rosling graphically illustrates global development over the last 200 years.

Concurrent sessions:
a) Resident Teaching – Educational M&M – Hugh Silk, MD , Tracy Kedian, MD; Michael Ennis, MD
b) Proposed Metrics for the Patient-Centered Medical Home – The National, State and Local Views: Ron Adler, MD, Arlene Ash, PhD
c) New Developments in Global Health – Anna Doubeni, MD

Dessert discussion: Action Plans and Take-Away Points
Dan Lasser