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Resources for International Scientists

The BMB takes pride in recruiting the most talented scientists from all over the globe to join our department’s research efforts. Foreign nationals make up a significant and impactful part of the scientific workforce despite the challenges inherent in leaving one’s home and navigating complex and sometimes fluid immigration policies. UMass Chan is dedicated to supporting international scientists throughout their immigration journey – in physically coming here, in helping to find a sense of belonging, and ultimately in helping them to succeed here.

In general, many inclusive and supportive resources can be found on the Diversity and Inclusion Office (DIO) website, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) website, or the Human Relations (HR) website. We have curated some relevant resources from these sources and others below:

The majority of resources for international scientists can be found on the UMass Chan Human Resources Immigration Services website. Some of the resources available include:

The Diversity and Inclusion Office supports many relevant affinity groups, including:

  • The African American, Latinx, Asian and Native American (AALANA) faculty network.
  • The Colorful Voices Networking Community, which “aims to enhance leadership and development opportunities, cross-department idea sharing, and multicultural understanding – while strengthening relationships among employees from marginalized backgrounds.”
  • The UMass Chan Postdoc Association (UMPA).
  • The People of Color Affinity Group, which fosters “connection, mentorship and support to promote belongingness, healing and development of a collective power.”

The Diversity and Inclusion Office offers the Tri-School Learners of Color Orientation (TSLOCO) annually for African American/Black, Latinx, Asian and Native American learners.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts offers a Ride Match program to support transportation needs.