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BMB Life in Worcester

Worcester is a truly special place nestled in Central Massachusetts. Many members of our department have lived and worked here for decades! We’ve collated a list of some local department favorites alongside some helpful links. Check them out! Unless otherwise indicated, all suggestions on this page are from members of the BMB department.

What do people in the department do outside of the lab?

  • Garden
  • Go birding
  • Build model trains
  • Make music
  • Go on nature walks or hikes
  • Watch movies
  • Use a shooting range
  • Play soccer
  • Swing dancing
  • Go skiing or snowboarding
  • Go sailing or kayaking
  • Go to the beach

What are some of the best restaurants in the area?

Other recommendations:

Where can I grab a beverage?

What can I do in Worcester?

  • The Office of Student Life maintains a list of attractions in and around Worcester.
  • The Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences has a webpage dedicated to Life in Worcester.
  • The Discover Central Massachusetts website has up-to-date information about events, food and sightseeing.
  • There is a Google Map listing restaurants, bars, groceries, performing arts venues and key places in Worcester.
  • And in addition to all that, the city of Boston is easily accessible by public transportation or by car.

Thanks to all our recommenders! 
Seden Bedir, Dr. Mary Munson, Samantah Turner, Dr. Dan Bolon, Dr. Samriddha Ray, Dr. Joseph Magrino, Dr. Brian Kelch, Judy Huang, Dr. Emma Sedivy, Xingchen Liu, Karen Lekas, Dr. Sy Redding, Dr. Leonora Martínez Núñez, Dr. Leonard Barasa, Dr. Issa Yusuf, Karen Lekas, Dr. Haley Barlow, Dr. Sean Ryder, & Dr. Celia Schiffer.