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This is where special social media posts that can get lost in the constant flow of information live on our website. Twitter threads about research, fun instagram reels, and more can all be found here!

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  • bmb 2023 sci art relaxation ascb reel thumbnail.png

    Science Art Relaxation at ASCB

    We partnered with the ASCB to host a science art relaxation hour at the CellBio 2023 meeting.

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  • bmb 2023 halloween reel thumbnail.png

    Happy Halloween, 2023!

    A video to show off our halloween spirit!

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  • bmb 2023 bbbs outreach event reel thumbnail.png

    BBBS Outreach Event Reel

    We hosted pairs of Big and Little Sibs from Big Brothers Big Sisters for hands-on science experiments in the iCELS facility here at UMass Chan.

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  • bmb 2023 cancer walk reel thumbnail.png

    UMass Chan Cancer Walk

    We attended the UMass Chan Cancer Walk to support those diagnosed with cancer, including our dear friend Dr. Jill Zitzewitz!

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  • bmb twitter thread epididymis 1.png


    We surveyed our followers to see if they could guess which male reproductive organ can stretch to be several feet long... did you guess it right?

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  • bmb 2023 ice cream social reel thumbnail.png

    BMB Ice Cream Social

    We celebrated an awesome summer of research with an ice cream party! We enjoyed the beautiful weather with our friends and colleagues.

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  • bmb reel harry potter social image.png

    Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

    The Biochemistry and Molecular Biotechnology Department celebrated the famous wizard Harry Potter's birthday with an instagram reel showcasing useful spells for scientists.

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  • bmb 2023 pride reel thumbnail.png


    We celebrated Pride by sharing a graphic from Dr. Leonora Martínez-Núñez depicting "love hormones."

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  • bmb twitter thread munson 1.png

    Mentoring Tips from Mary Munson

    Check out these mentoring tips from one of our faculty, Dr. Mary Munson.

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  • bmb twitter thread zoonomia 1.png


    A Twitter thread highlighting work published by the members of the Zoonomia consortium, including our own Dr. Zhiping Weng.

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