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Administrative Team

  • Kathy Drolet

    Kathy Drolet

    Admin Coordinator III

    Type: Administrative Team

    Kathy supports the Institute for Drug Resistance, the Schiffer Lab, the Outreach Team, and BMB's Diversity Action Committee. Outside of work Kathy enjoys writing, the beach, and spending time with family and friends. 

    Office: LRB 927
    Phone: 508-856-6401

  • Edna Froio

    Edna Froio

    Research Lab Tech II

    Type: Administrative Team

    Edna takes care of various lab needs, including washing and autoclaving glassware. Outside work, Edna loves cooking and relaxing at the beach.

    Office: LRB 850 & 950
    Phone: 508-856-6199 or 508-856-8707

  • Sophia Glogowski

    Sophia Glogowski

    Administrative Assistant II

    Type: Administrative Team

    Sophia handles BMB seminars, IFM, RIPS and various other administrative duties - living the adventure and loving it. Outside work, Sophia enjoys traveling and gardening in the summer, along with day trips to the beach and leaf peeping in the fall.

    Office: LRB 908
    Phone: 508-856-8303

  • Karen Lekas

    Karen Lekas

    Project Coordinator II

    Type: Administrative Team

    Karen works with several labs and PI's with their ordering and anything else they may need and is also in charge of Payroll for the department and Course Administrator for Cellular Biochemistry. Outside work, Karen enjoys spending time with her husband, Tony.

    Office: LRB 908
    Phone: 508-856-2151

  • Luca Leone

    Luca Leone

    Manager of Research Operations

    Type: Administrative Team

    Luca is the go-to person for various problems in the department. Outside of work, Luca enjoys riding his motorcycle, playing bocce and hanging out with dogs.

    Office: LRB 970-Z 
    Phone: 508-856-8301

  • Denise Silva

    Denise Silva

    Grant & Contract Specialist III

    Type: Administrative Team

    Denise assists with the management of finances for the department. Outside work, she enjoys time spent at the beach and long quiet walks.

    Office: LRB 811
    Phone: 508-856-2253

  • Karen Welch

    Karen Welch

    Executive Assistant to the Chair

    Type: Administrative Team

    Karen has been in the Biochemistry & Molecular Biotechnology department for almost 37 years. Her favorite pastime is spending time at the beach with family and friends.

    Office: LRB 908
    Phone: 508-856-2251

  • Dianne Williams

    Dianne Williams

    Administrative Coordinator III

    Type: Administrative Team

    Dianne is the Administrative Coordinator for the Program in Chemical Biology and supports the Thompson Lab. Outside work, she enjoys cooking, gardening and spending time with friends and family.

    Office: LRB 827
    Phone: 508-856-0028

  • Suresh Kannan

    Suresh Kannan , PhD

    Academic Administrator III

    Type: Administrative Team

    Suresh is the academic administrator for the department. Outside work, he plays table tennis, sports and video games with his son, and enjoys traveling.

    Office: LRB 911
    one: 508-856-7502