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Upcoming events:

In partnership with the RTI's Science Live, the BMB Outreach team will assist at school vacation workshops at the Shrewsbury Public Library to bring science and art (STEAM) workshops to elementary aged students (~8-12 years old) during school vacation weeks. We hope to see you there!

 4/16, 1pm-3pm
Students will observe and recreate artistically the macroscopic and microscopic species from nearby soil and pond water sources.

4/17 1pm-3pm
Students will extract DNA from multiple sources and create models.


We’re always cooking up new collaborations and outreach opportunities. If we're currently in between events, check out existing opportunities below. Suggestions are welcome - if you’ve got an idea or a cause you’re passionate about, drop it in the survey below!

New Ideas? 

If you are a community member looking to build a partnership with the BMB department, please fill out the form below!

New Partnerships? 

Our current collaborations:

Science Learning with Interactive Virtual Education (LIVE) at the UMass Chan RNA Therapeutics Institute
Volunteer to increase scientific literacy and break down identity-related barriers to science careers in kids!

Office of Community & Government Relations at UMass Chan Medical School
This is the volunteering hub at UMass Chan Medical School. They regularly organize various volunteering events throughout our local community.