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Graduates from labs in the BMB department go on to find success in a variety of careers. The following are a few examples of the possibilities for your future after completing your training in the BMB department.

Natalie Pursell, PhD
Lab: Bolon Lab, 2011
Job Title: Head of Preclinical Development at e-therapeutics PLC

Heidi Malaby, PhD
Lab: Kobertz Lab, 2014
Job Title: Grant Proposal Developer at the University of Vermont

Carina Clingman, PhD
Lab: Ryder Lab, 2014
Job Title: Principal and Founder of Recruitomics Biotalent Consulting

Jill Moore, PhD
Lab: Weng Lab, 2017
Job Title: Assistant Professor at UMass Chan Medical School

Livio Dukaj, PhD
Lab: Rhind Lab, 2019
Job Title: Senior Scientist at T-Scan Therapeutics