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Check out our publications! In-depth highlights of work from our department can be found on our BMB Blog, while a list of most recent publications is below.

Department Research Highlights

  • a blue sphere exploding and releasing tiny particles next to a red sphere intact sphere representing antibiotic resistance

    World Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness Week, 2023

    Learn about research hoping to discover new antibiotics in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biotechnology department at UMass Chan Medical School.

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  • STING miniature.jpg

    Taking the STING out of Disease

    Dr. Paul Thompson of the Biochemistry & Molecular Biotechnology department at UMass Chan Medical School recently published a newly discovered inhibitor of STING signaling that could be a promising new treatment option for various diseases including lupus, SAVI, and ALS.

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Our most recent publications:

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