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Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism Research Initiatives

Diabetes Center of Excellence

Under the co-direction of Dale L. Greiner, PhD, and David M. Harlan, MD, the goal of the UMass Diabetes Center of Excellence (DCOE) at UMass Chan Medical School is to prevent and cure diabetes. Our DCOE research faculty is gaining new knowledge of the disease by studying human tissues and human cells inside of our unique biological models, which mimic the human immune system. Understanding what causes diabetes will allow us to develop effective therapies, and ultimately find the cure. 

 Jamie Kady Diabetes Research

RNA Therapeutics Institute

The lab of Dr. Neil Aronin is part of the RNA Therapeutics Institute and is dedicated to developing therapeutics for Huntington’s disease. The lab is focused on reducing the amount of mutant protein using RNA interference, increasing clearance of the mutant protein by modifying cellular degradation processes, and investigating downstream pathways that are disrupted during the course of the disease.

Additional colleagues who collaborate with Dr. Aronin in his research include:

Anastasia Khvorova, PhD
Michael Brodsky, PhD
Job Dekker, PhD
Tom Fazzio, PhD

Aronin Lab