Co-Director, UMass Diabetes Center of Excellence

Dr. Harlan is internationally recognized as both a diabetes investigator and physician. 


For over three decades, he has conducted basic and clinical research exploring the pathophysiology underlying diabetes.  He has conducted clinical trials to test new therapies and explain human biology as it relates to diabetes and its treatment.   Current basic research in The Harlan Lab focuses on exploring beta cell biology and the anti-beta cell immune response underlying type 1 diabetes. 

Patient Care

Since taking over as Chief of the Diabetes Division at UMass Memorial Medcial Center, and Co-Director of the Diabetes Center of Excellence, he has increased the volume and greatly improved the level of care in the Adult Diabetes Clinic. Always striving to improve diabetes care delivery systems, he leads by example.  Patients under Dr. Harlan's care benefit from not only his extensive knowledge of the disease, but also the manner in which he listens to each individual and works with them when it comes to their diabetes management.  He believes that the person with diabetes is the most important member of their own care team.