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The Curbsiders Addiction Medicine Podcast

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The Curbsiders Addiction Medicine Podcast just wrapped up a stellar series on Addiction Medicine that has enormous applicability for any primary care clinician. This series is packed with evidence-based education on caring for patients with substance disorders.

Episode 1: Methadone for Opiate Use Disorder (Guest: Dr. Ruth Potee, MD)

Episode 2: Get in the Spirit of Ambulatory Alcohol Withdrawal (Guest: Dr. Stephen Holt, MD)

Episode 3: Harm Reduction: Partnering with Patients (Guest: Dr. Kim Sue, MD)

Episode 4: Wrapping Our Heads Around Alcohol Use Disorder Meds (Guest: Dr. Alyssa Peterkin, MD)

Episode 5: Amp Up Your Treatment of Stimulant Use Disorder (Guest: Dr. Paxton Bach, MD)

Episode 6: Get Hip to Sedative-Hypnotic Use Disorders (Guest: Dr. Ximena Levander, MD)

Episode 7: Do the OBOT: Buprenorphine for OUD in the Clinic (Guest: Dr. Christine Soan, MD)

Episode 8: Back to Basics: A Stigma-Free History (Guest: Dr. Jeanette Tetrault, MD)

Episode 9: A Joint Conversation: Cannabis Use Disorder (Guest: Dr Deepika Slawek, MD)

Episode 10: The ABCs of CBT: Psychosocial Interventions 101 (Guest: Dr. Carla Marienfeld, MD)

Episode 11: Smoking Cessation: It’s Not a Drag (Guest: Dr. Panagis Galiatsatos, MD)