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At UMass Chan, we’re just getting started.

1974. That year, the inaugural class of 16 students graduated from a burgeoning public medical school created by the commonwealth to offer an affordable, high-quality in-state medical education. Fast forward 50 years. Today, UMass Chan is a leading academic health sciences center comprising three graduate schools training the next generation of physicians, nurses and scientists, and a world-class research enterprise.  

What sets us apart? A synergetic, cross-disciplinary environment that breaks down walls and cultivates uncommon collaborations—thereby advancing innovation. A deliberately inclusive ethos that embraces diverse talents, perspectives and experiences—not one that aspires to exclusivity. Both distinctions flow from a public service mission that is embedded in our DNA. At UMass Chan, we never lose sight of our core purpose to facilitate learning and discovery that builds healthier communities here in Massachusetts and around the globe.

How are we making an impact?


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    We consistently rank near the top for educating primary care physicians. We’re #1 in New England for primary care education, according to U.S. News & World Report

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    We’re delivering new and better therapies for devastating diseases. Recent data illustrates the might of our research enterprise: 900+ worldwide patents and applications; 500+ active clinical trials; and #1 medical school in Massachusetts for NIH research funding (Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research). 

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    We’re attracting great minds who come here to collaborate and discover. Our world-class faculty includes a Nobel Prize laureate; 12 members of the National Academies; four investigators and one scholar of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute; a Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences recipient; and a Banting Medal recipient.

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    We’re tackling the national physician shortage by training more medical students. Entering class sizes at the T.H. Chan School of Medicine are increasing by almost 40 percent. 

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    Our employees think UMass Chan is a great place to work. Among numerous accolades, we were named to The Boston Globe’s 2023 list of Top Places to Work in Massachusetts for the second consecutive year—the only institution of higher education on the list. 

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    We keep growing (and growing). Research grants and contracts grew from $2 million to $322 million between 1977 and 2023, making UMass Chan one of the fastest growing research institutions in the U.S., while student enrollment grows exponentially. Our footprint is expanding to meet this demand—a regional campus at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center in Burlington and a new, eco-friendly nine-story research and education building at our Worcester campus both launch in 2024.

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    We recognize that medical education needs to be reimagined—and we’re doing something about it. UMass Chan has emerged as a thought leader in several domains of medical education, and we’ll emphasize leadership, interprofessional education and health systems science—the study of how health care is delivered—at the Lahey Hospital & Medical Center campus.

Look at all that we’ve accomplished in just 50 years. Simply imagine what’s possible as we look ahead to the next 50. 

With momentum on our side, we’re bolstering our financial capacity through an ambitious fundraising campaign. 

Moving forward. Together.

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Securing our future

Our goal: Raise $500 million to augment health care education, research and community-based initiatives at UMass Chan, while ensuring the long-term financial health of the institution. While building the endowment is a top priority, we also value the power of unrestricted giving. Regardless of size or purpose, every single campaign gift matters and gets us closer to our goal.

A historic gift

Gerald Chan speaking at the campus celebration on Sept 7 2021

A transformational $175 million gift from the Morningside Foundation is the campaign capstone. In recognition of this profound demonstration of support and confidence from the Chan family, in 2021 the institution was renamed UMass Chan Medical School; our three graduate schools were also renamed as the T.H. Chan School of Medicine, the Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing and the Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.


Let’s advance, together—for Massachusetts, for medicine, for science and for humanity.

Your gift comes at a critical moment for UMass Chan and for health care. The philanthropic investments being made right now at the Medical School will define our next 50 years. As the health care landscape evolves rapidly, we’re bringing new approaches to health care education that address both current and future challenges. Meanwhile, in the midst of what’s being called “the golden age of biomedical research,” astonishing innovations are happening at UMass Chan that will help to revolutionize treatments for a wide range of diseases. 

This means that your investment will have a resounding impact on the future of health care in Massachusetts and beyond. Please join us and help secure our continued growth and success as the medical school of the commonwealth. 

Our funding priorities

Advancing research and discovery

Two researchers in a lab looking at a petri dish.

We’re living in an extraordinary time for biomedical advancement. Bursts of innovation propelled by the information age are leading to new and dramatically improved therapeutics.

Amid this revolution in how we understand and treat disease, UMass Chan stands out as a nexus of breakthrough discovery. Harnessing our unique culture of collaboration and this remarkable chapter in medicine, we’re investing heavily in our research enterprise.

A new, nine-story research and education building opened in spring 2024, bringing some of the brightest minds in science together under one roof. We’re also actively building our roster of endowed chairs, attracting world-class faculty to UMass Chan to drive both innovation and exceptional training. 

By accelerating innovation and discovery, all the way from bench to bedside, we will change the course of the history of disease. 

A catalyst for scientific collaboration and discovery

New education and research brochure

The education and research building, which opened in spring 2024, has changed the face of our Worcester campus and reflects the ambitions of an institution committed to discovery, learning and healing. 

Learn more

Advancing Together: Digital health


Education and research building


Advancing teaching and learning

As an academic health sciences center, training compassionate and highly skilled physicians, nurses and scientists sits at the heart of what we do.

Recognizing that our students will enter a dynamic, constantly evolving health care landscape, our upcoming regional campus at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center will be an incubator of new ideas in medical education.

We also are sharpening our focus on student well-being in response to increasing rates of mental health challenges seen among medical students nationwide.

And in keeping with our founding mandate to offer an affordable medical education in Massachusetts, support for scholarships remains a top priority. 

We’re preparing students to lead in increasingly complex health care systems, while bolstering our efforts to give students the support they need to succeed. 

Supporting future leaders in health care 

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Scholarships help ease the financial stress on students so they can focus on learning, while attracting a diverse and talented student body to UMass Chan. 

Learn more

Advancing Together: Scholarships


New for 2024: UMass Chan-Lahey

UMass Chan is expanding our reach eastward thanks to a new partnership with Burlington’s Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. Emphasizing leadership, health systems science and interprofessional education, UMass Chan-Lahey will prepare students to lead and create solutions to future challenges in health care. Students will follow the core curriculum of the T.H. Chan School of Medicine and complete their third-year clerkship rotations and most of their fourth-year rotations under the supervision of Lahey faculty and specialty-specific clerkship site directors.

Burlington’s Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

Advancing faculty excellence 

UMass Chan professor looking through a microscope.

As the most sought-after positions in higher education, endowed chairs are incredibly powerful in recruiting and retaining the most accomplished researchers, physicians and educators to UMass Chan, which in turn helps to attract talented students. Offering chairholders the opportunity to pursue research interests and develop unique opportunities for students, endowed chairs drive excellence across research and learning. And as named opportunities, endowed chairs offer donors the opportunity to build a meaningful, lasting connection to educational and scientific advancement at the Medical School. Our goal is to establish 75 endowed chairs at UMass Chan; with a current roster of 64 chairs—15 of which were secured during the quiet phase of the campaign—we are very close to reaching this milestone achievement.

Donors can leave a permanent, high-impact legacy at UMass Chan by investing in the recruitment and retention of world-class faculty who come here to make a meaningful difference.

Learn more about establishing an endowed chair and/or other endowed fund opportunities.

Driving faculty excellence and student achievement

Screenshot of endowed chairs one-pager

Endowed funds are incredibly powerful in recruiting and retaining top faculty and give donors the opportunity to build lasting connections to educational and scientific advancement. 

Learn more

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Advancing equity and community health  

UMass Chan is committed to measurably improving the health and welfare of people in Massachusetts and beyond by investing in an enhanced social mission that engages community partners, advances health equity research and promotes public health interventions for the benefit of those greatest in need. We’re also working to create more inclusive, equitable environments across the entirety of the UMass Chan community so that we can better attract, support and advance diverse staff, faculty and learners.

Student stepping off of a school bus.

We’re partnering with local communities to promote scalable health equity solutions, while infusing those commitments into a world-class student education at UMass Chan so the health care professionals of tomorrow better reflect and empower the people they serve. 

Moving forward. Together.

Right now, we’re defining our next 50 years, advancing medicine to make our communities healthier.

Many great minds. One UMass Chan.

Advance with us.

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