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Michael A. Brehm, PhD

Associate Professor of Molecular Medicine and Co-Director of the Humanized Mouse Core Facility at UMass Chan Medical School, Investigator at the JDRF Center of Excellence in New England

Dr. Brehm works with these unique animal models of human immune responses to investigate approaches to downregulate as well as activate the human immune system for treatments of type 1 diabetes (T1D) and cancer. Dr. Brehm's laboratory studies human beta cells from individuals with type 1 diabetes in a real-life setting as they interact with intact T1D immune systems. The ultimate objective is to understand the etiology and pathogenesis of autoimmune T1D, in order to develop new therapies and drugs for personalized medicine.

Meet Dr. Michael Brehm


Researcher Spotlight: Sushobhana Bandyopadhyay, PhD

 Sushobhana Bandyopadhyay UMass Diabetes

In this video Dr. Bandyopadhyay explains how the Brehm Lab is studying human cells to better understand the autoimmune attack that occurs in people with Type 1 diabetes

Researcher Spotlight: Carey Zammitti


Carey is a Research Associate involved in humanized mouse pre-clinical studies & testing functionality of microscopic encapsulation devices to protect insulin-producing beta cells & islets from being recognized and attacked by immune cells.

Researcher Spotlight: Pamela St. Louis

 Pamela St. Louis UMass Diabetes Researcher

Pam is a Senior Scientist in the Brehm Lab. She combines her loves for animals and science with our pre-clinical model, investigating potential treatments for human trials. 

Uhlmans Ice Cream

Dr. Brehm arranged for the Uhlman's ice cream truck to visit on a beautiful September afternoon to treat the lab for an ice cream break.

Brehm Lab Volturnos Holiday Party

Brehm Lab holiday party at Volturno's on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester