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Transplant Anesthesia

HabibThe organ transplant program at UMass Memorial Medical Center has been one of the leading multiorgan transplant centers in New England since 1985. UMass Memorial has performed more than 700 kidney transplants from live and deceased donors since 1986. We continue to provide both pediatric and adult kidney transplant services. Currently, about 50 kidney transplants are performed each year. Since 1998 we have performed more than 100 pancreas transplants and 400 liver transplants. We perform both deceased and living-donor liver transplants. UMass Memorial is the leading center for living-donor liver transplantation in New England.

With regard to the Liver Transplant Division, our dedicated anesthesiology staff adheres to accepted best practices and maintains a high level of communication between the specialties by having a close working relationship with the surgical team.

The residents will have the chance to do many liver transplant cases during their training. The experience gained will be the ultimate integration of knowledge and technical skills. Trainees will learn cardiovascular, respiratory and hepatic physiology, and the application of this knowledge to hepatic transplantation, major hepatic resections and all aspects of perioperative management. The use of ultrasonic guidance in vessel cannulation is ubiquitous in these coagulopathic patients. The trainees will gain experience with rapid infusion systems, cell salvage and all forms of physiologic monitoring. They will manage coagulation changes with blood products as well as using pharmacological interventions as needed. They will also use preventive measures against hypothermia in patients undergoing prolonged surgeries and will manage acid/base and electrolyte abnormalities. Finally, they will safely transport the patient and transfer care to the ICU team.

The continually expanding volume of our program will enrich the educational experience of residents who rotate through the anesthesia services.

- Farajallah Habib, MD, chief of transplant anesthesia