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UMass Chan GHE Anesthesia competency-based goals and objectives

Patient Care

  • Understand Influence of local resources on health care delivery
  • Learn how to prepare for and set up adequate anesthesia delivery/ recovery areas, promote the use of safety checklists as emphasized by the WHO
  • Understand influence of religion /non-western practices on medicine
  • Adhere to and educate students about ASA standards of care
  • Understand local standards of care
  • Experience all levels of anesthesia care in an austere environment

Medical Knowledge

  • Learn about potential health and safety risks as they apply to visitors
  • Teach local learners new techniques regarding the use of technology as well as other clinical techniques specific to the practice of anesthesiology
  • Learn about anesthetic techniques, diseases and surgeries that are uncommon in the USA and developed countries but common in the host country
  • Identify endemic health issues and understand the effects on peri-operative care
  • Identify differences in risk data in well-resourced vs. under-resourced countries

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

  • Understand the cultural differences and values of the host country
  • Learn to communicate using foreign language, interpreters and body language


  • Act as a representative of the medical community and the USA
  • Understand volunteerism and its effects on the community

Practice Based Learning and Improvement

  • Demonstrate the ability to constantly adapt to novel environments
  • Learn and teach the use of web-based information such as the CDC website and the USA State Department website as well as literature searches to acquire new information

Systems Based Practice

  • Understand the health care system in the hosting country
  • Understand how patients access the health care system in the host country