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Practical tools

International Mission Anesthesia Considerations

  • Type of anesthetic (GETA vs regional vs MAC)
  • The patient (ASA-physical status, co-morbidities, pediatric, elderly)
  • The procedure (duration, level of post-op pain)
  • Same standard of care (anesthetic monitoring equipment, peri-op antibiotics, etc.)
  • Recovery capacity (PACU beds and staff)

Back to basics

  • Importance of physical exam
  •  Preoperative Anesthetic assessment (recognize limitations)
  • Monitoring basics for equipment failure
  • Understanding and collaborative interactions with local personnel

Anesthesia checklist

  • Oxygen (reliable source, backup E-cylinder)
  • Suction (functional, reliable)
  • Anesthetic equipment
    • Back-up manual resuscitator
    • Sufficient drugs and supplies
    • Anesthesia machine nuts & bolts (Ohmeda 885-A)
    • Appropriate monitoring equipment
  • Scavenging system
  • Electrical outlets
  • Resuscitation equipment (Defibrillator, emergency drugs, etc.)