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"Dr. Aponte helped me out before my ABA part 2 exam in 2016. He took mock oral exams twice in person and once via webcam. He has been an examiner at ABA, so the exams were as close to real exams as possible. His feedback after the exam helped me in understanding what an examiner actually wants from you. He also commented on the weakness in my responses consistently on a specific topic. He also suggested what resources I should utilize to get better at that topic which was great. Overall, it was very helpful towards my preparation and a much better learning experience than giving oral exams with friends because of Dr Aponte's expertise in this field." - Gaurav Rajpal, MD

"I received an oral mock exam by Dr Aponte before my oral boards and it really guided me to mange my expectations of the real thing and it also gave me direction on how to formulate and deliver the information that was asked. Practice is key for the oral boards andI feel that this opportunity had to do with the fact that I passed on my first pass and I am grateful that Dr. Aponte gave us this opportunity at our program in Puerto Rico." - Carlos A. Vidal Yordán, MD, DABA

“I am so grateful to Dr. Aponte for making the time around my schedule to give me so many mock orals. He worked tirelessly with me for many hours. It really made the difference in my ability to pass.”

“Dr. Aponte’s feedback on communication skills and organization has been very helpful. He also assigns topics for me to read and review which guides the study planning until the exam date.”

“I really appreciate Drs. Aponte and Bauer for volunteering their time and genuine intention of helping alumni succeed.”