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    C. elegans and its bacterial diet: An interspecies model to explore the effects of microbiota on drug response

    Our body is inhabited by a large community of microorganisms referred to as our microbiota that influences almost all aspects of human physiology, including the response to thereapeutic drugs. Drugs can affect microbiota composition and the microbiota can modulate the

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    Transcriptional regulation of metabolic flux: a C. elegans perspective

    Metabolic reactions form the basis of life to generate biomass, produce energy and eliminate waste. Together, metabolic reactions function in the context of a highly interconnected metabolic network. Flux through this network needs to be adaptable depending on nutrient availability

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  • Garcia-Gonzalez-and-Walhout-review-768x402.jpg

    Review: Worms, bugs and drugs: Caenorhabditis elegans as a model for host-microbe-drug interactions

    The microbiota plays a critical role in human health and disease. For instance, the gut microbiota aides in the digestion of foods, thereby contributing to our ability to metabolize compounds from our diet. Recently, it has become clear that the

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  • Zhang-COIBT-2017.jpeg

    Review: C. elegans and its bacterial diet as a model for systems-level understanding of host–microbiota interactions

    Resident microbes of the human body, particularly the gut microbiota, provide essential functions for the host, and, therefore, have important roles in human health as well as mitigating disease. It is difficult to study the mechanisms by which the microbiota

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  • Yilmaz-Walhout-COICB-2017.jpeg

    Review: Metabolic network modeling with model organisms

    Flux balance analysis (FBA) with genome-scale metabolic network models (GSMNM) allows systems level predictions of metabolism in a variety of organisms. Different types of predictions with different accuracy levels can be made depending on the applied experimental constraints ranging from

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