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  • Gateway-CSHL-Fig2-768x341.jpg

    Methods: Gateway Recombinational Cloning

    The January, 2018, issue of Cold Spring Harbor Protocols features three protocols on Gateway recombinatorial cloning for use in high-throughput studies. The Gateway recombinatorial cloning system was developed for cloning multiple DNA fragments in parallel (e.g., in 96-well formats) in

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  • Tamburino-Figure-1A-768by310.jpg

    PRIMA: a gene-centered, RNA-to-protein method for mapping RNA-protein interactions

    Interactions between RNA binding proteins (RBPs) and mRNAs are critical to post-transcriptional gene regulation. Eukaryotic genomes encode thousands of mRNAs and hundreds of RBPs. However, in contrast to interactions between transcription factors (TFs) and DNA, the interactome between RBPs and

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  • Fuxman-Bass-CSHL-Intro.jpg

    Methods: Gene-Centered Yeast One-Hybrid Assays

    The December, 2016, issue of Cold Spring Harbor Protocols features four protocols on how to prepare reagents for yeast one-hybrid analysis. An important question when studying gene regulation is which transcription factors (TFs) interact with which cis-regulatory elements, such as

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