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What’s the Dean saying about sustainability?

Growing Green has its grass roots components, but it also has the support of the leadership at UMass Chan Medical School. Watch and listen to the video below to see what Dean Flotte and others have to say about taking the pledge to act on campus in ways that further a more sustainable environment.  

Do you want to do your part?

To encourage community action, the UMass Chan Sustainability Committee is asking everyone on campus to take a simple pledge and to affirm these statements:

  • I will recycle my paper, cardboard, bottles, cans and batteries
  • I will turn off lights when leaving an office or conference room
  • I will turn off my computer, monitor and/or printer at the end of the day
  • I will use a reusable water bottle and/or mug at work
  • I will change my printer settings to print double-sided (duplex)

Anyone with a UMass Chan Medical School or UMass Memorial e-mail can take the pledge at this site: Doing my part. Every month, one person who takes the pledge will be selected at random to receive a gift basket of sustainable products.

Facebook users who take the pledge are encouraged to “like” the school’s sustainability page ( and become an active participant on that page, sharing their ideas and experiences about sustainable practices, both at work and at home.