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Feb 2011: Vol.2, Issue 1



A ‘Nu’ Way to Cut Campus Emissions 

A new program launched in January gives Medical School students, faculty and staff a way to earn discounts at restaurants and other rewards for driving fewer solitary miles. Known as NuRide, it’s an emerging national program aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion by promoting alternatives to a solo trip in an automobile.


A Green Paper Trail

In recent years, the amount of paper used for copiers and printers at UMass Chan Medical School has topped 30 million sheets a year. Stacked on top of each other, all that paper would tower above New Hampshire’s Mount Washington. But that tower is shrinking, and it’s growing greener.


Greener Power for the Campus

To accommodate the growing demands for power on campus, in particular for the Albert Sherman Center now under construction, the school is expanding its power plant—and in this case, getting bigger means growing greener.


SWAP Website Finds Homes for Surplus Goods

Shirley Warren had a toner cartridge worth a few hundred dollars that didn’t fit her office’s copier. She talked to her vendor to see if she could trade it in for one that did, but no luck.



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