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June 2010: Vol.1, Issue 6



Green Building Blooms on Campus 

It may look steely grey on the outside, but the newly-completed Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) is actually now the greenest building on campus.


From French Fries to Biodiesel

On a typical day the kitchen serves up some 7,500 meals for patients, staff and visitors, with French fries and onion rings always popular. That takes a lot of cooking oil.


Free Nights and Weekends with Bus Pass Program

It sounds like a cell-phone plan, but these free nights and weekends are about parking on campus. It's another benefit for participants in a new bus pass program, designed to reduce the number of cars coming to campus each day.


Staying Cool and Green This Summer

No one likes to fight the heat all summer, but did you know the typical household spends nearly 20 percent of its utility bill on cooling? So taking steps to reduce the need to cool your home can save money and energy.






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