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September 2010: Vol.1, Issue 7



Pedal Power Helps Reduce Campus Emissions

Three new additions to the fleet of University Campus vehicles have boosted the UMass Chan Medical School’s drive toward lower greenhouse gas emissions. 


Shedding Light on Energy Efficiency

Part of ongoing efforts to reduce energy consumption across campus, two initiatives involving the First Road parking garage and the Medical School’s new Integrated Teaching and Learning Center (iTLC) are projected to save nearly $22,000 a year in future electricity costs.


Grassroots Green Team Growing at DES

What started two years ago as a tiny sprout of green activity has developed into a full-grown sustainability effort at the Medical School’s Disability Evaluation Services (DES) department in Auburn.


A "Green" Progress Report

From an expanded focus on recycling and whole-building energy audits, to electric bikes on campus, green efforts during the past 12 months have reached nearly every corner of the UMass Chan Medical School.





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