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Resident Biography



Maggi Ahmed, MBChB, MSc

Postgraduate Year 1

Medical School

Sohag University, Sohag, Egypt


Hometown: Alexandria, Egypt

Undergrad Institution: Second Secondary School, Saudi Arabia

Medical School: Sohag University, Sohag, Egypt

Other degrees: MSc and PhD in Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery

Future plans: Academic dermatologic surgeon, with a focus in Laser and skin transplantation surgeries.

Why UMASS?: UMass offers solid clinical training and a substantial operative experience in an encouraging atmosphere. An amazingly kind team providing top-notch surgical care of patients, with enormous research opportunities. 

Favorite thing to do in Worcester: Reading in Lamar Soutter Library

Recent abstracts, posters, or publications:
Maggi A Refat, James P Strassner,  Michael L Frisoli, Mehdi Rashighi, Jillian Richmond, Essam Nada, Ramadan Saleh, Mohammed Abu El-Hamd , Dori Goldberg, Bassel H Mahmoud, John E Harris. Lesional CD8+ T cell number predicts surgical outcomes of melanocyte-keratinocyte transplantation surgery for vitiligo. Journal of American Academy of Dermatology. Submitted, June 2021.

Gellatly, K.J.*, Strassner J.P.*, Kingsley E.*, Refat M.A., Murphy R.L., Coffin-Schmitt, A., Pandya A.G., Tovar-Garza, A., Frisoli M.L., Fan X., Ding X., Kim E.E., Abbas Z., McDonel, P., Garber, M., & Harris, J.E. (*contributed equally). Single cell analysis of human vitiligo lesions reveals a role for CCR5 in regulatory T cell function in vitiligo. Science Translational Medicine. 2021, Jan; Pub Status: Submitted.

Maggi Ahmed, Dori Goldberg, and Bassel Mahmoud. Surgical Treatment of Vitiligo, Melanocytes Keratinocytes Transplantation Procedure. Procedural Pediatric Dermatology Textbook, Under publication by Wolters Kluwer, Philadelphia, PA.