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Resident Biography



Nicole "Nikki" Hays, MD

Academic Development Time

Medical School

University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD


Hometown: Milford, MA

Undergrad Institution: Northeastern University

Medical School: University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD

Future plans: Academic medicine, cardiothoracic surgery

Why UMASS?: I was born at UMass Memorial and was excited to come back. My family is from the area and has been cared for by the UMass system, so the program holds a special place in my heart. I was looking for an academic program that offered research years because I knew I wanted to take dedicated time for research. I was also drawn to the complexity that the residents are able to operate due to there being few fellows and the amount of time on thoracic we rotate through. 

Favorite thing to do in Worcester: Eating out at new places! There are so many boxcar diners that are open and love to go with my co-residents post-call. Worcester restaurant week happens a few times a year and I always participate with my friends. 

I have been active in research since undergrad and came into UMass knowing I wanted to take two years for dedicated research time. I am currently at the MGH Center for Transplantation Sciences in Boston working on heart and lung transplantation tolerance within a non-human primate model. 

Recent abstracts, posters, or publications: