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Resident Biography



Anupama Singh, MD

Postgraduate Year 3

Medical School

UMass Chan Medical School, Worcester, Massachusetts


Hometown: Sharon, MA

Undergrad: UMass Amherst

Medical School: UMass Chan Medical School

Future plans: Pediatric or CT surgery. I want to ideally practice in an academic environment and would love to teach part-time as well.

Why UMass?: I wanted to go to a program where I would easily have the option to pursue competitive fellowships or go straight into practice, a program where I would have plenty of opportunities to operate, where I would be exposed to a diverse patient population (with underserved and minorities) and one where there is strong camaraderie within the department. After interviewing and rotating at other programs, I found that UMass fit the best with all those criteria. I also went to medical school here and was able to view the surgery culture from a student’s perspective.  

Favorite thing to do in Worcester: There are a multitude of places to eat – ranging from restaurants to small family owned places to dessert specific places – and many small cafes. Because of Worcester’s diverse population, there are a lot of ethnic dishes available to try. I also love the outdoors and surprisingly to some, there are a lot of hidden gems (trails, parks, gardens) nearby and in Worcester itself. 

Recent Abstracts/Posters/Publications:
Singh A
, Emmerick I. Factors Associated with Clinical Stage I and II Lung Cancer and Surgery as First Treatment. Oral presentation at Academic Surgical Congress; 2020 February; Orlando, FL. 

Singh A, Koupenova M. The Relationship between Platelets, Pollen and Inflammation. Oral presentation at American College of Surgeons, Clinical Congress 2019; San Francisco, CA. 

Koupenova M, Mick E, Corkrey H, Singh, A, Tanriverdi S, Vitseva O, Levy D, Keeler A, Ezzaty M, ElMallah M, Gerstein M, Rozowsky J, Tanriverdi K, Freedman J. “Pollen-derived RNAs are found in Human Circulation.” Sept 2019.