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Resident Biography



Timothy Jenkel, MD

Timothy Jenkle, MD

Postgraduate Year 5

Medical School

Albany Medical College, Albany, New York


Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL and Springvale, ME

Undergrad Institution: Boston College

Medical School: Albany Medical College

Other degrees/information about them: I was a philosophy and English double major before matriculating to law school.  I realized I had no passion for a career in law and left law school during my second semester.  I completed the necessary science courses and applied to medical school hoping to find a profession that allowed me to work both with my hands and my intellect in a way that made a tangible difference for others.  I am happy to have found that with this surgery program.

Future plans: I have very different surgical interests, transplant surgery and rural general surgery, each of which will influence my future plans differently.

Recent abstracts, posters, or publications:
Edwards MJ, Jenkel T, Weller B, et al. Computed Tomography Scan Utilization in Pediatric Trauma: Impact on Length of Stay and Incidence of False Positive Findings [published online ahead of print, 2020 Mar 19]. Pediatr Emerg Care. 2020;10.1097