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An S-phase –dependent cell fate decision

We discovered that early erythroid progenitors known as 'colony-forming-unit-erythroid' (CFU-e) transition from a state of self-renewal to erythroid terminal differentiation (ETD) during a rapid transcriptional switch that activates expression of erythroid genes such as hemoglobin genes. The CFU-e/ ETD switch is synchronized with, and dependent on, S phase progression. This specific S phase is unexpectedly shorter and faster than that of preceding or ensuing cycles, propelled by globally-faster replication forks, a novel mechanism in the physiological regulation of S phase length. Using single-cell RNA-sequencing, we recently confirmed the synchrony between the CFU-e/ ETD cell fate switch and S phase, at the single-cell transcriptional level.

Further, in addition to S phase shortening at the time of the CFU-e/ ETD switch, there is gradual shortening of G1 phase of the cycle during the period that leads up to the switch. We have identified a number of regulators that coordinate these dramatic cell cycle remodeling events in lock-step with erythroid developmental decisions, including the erythropoietin receptor (EpoR), the cell cycle regulator p57KIP2, and the transcription factor PU.1.



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