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We pioneered the staging of primary erythroid progenitors by flow cytometry and by Single-cell transcriptomics. This allows us to study minimally- perturbed progenitors directly within their physiological niche in vivo. We combine the staging of erythroid progenitors with new genome-wide technologies to investigate a number of inter-related areas:

Single Cell RNA sequencing of hematopoiesis and erythropoiesis

Activation of erythroid gene transcription: a cell fate decision orchestrated by the cell cycle

New growth factor regulators of Erythropoeisis

Pioneering cell-surface marker and flow cytometry for staging erythroid progenitors and precursors

Genome-wide loss of DNA methylation during erythroid differentiation

Systems Biology: Reverse engineering of the erythropoietic system

Stat5 signaling dynamics: binary and graded signaling modalities