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Current Lab Members

  • Merav Socolovsky

    Merav Socolovsky, MD, Ph.D.

    Joined the faculty of the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 2004.

    BA (1983), University of Cambridge, UK; MBBS (equivalent to MD), University College, London, U.K. (1986); Ph.D (1994), University of Cambridge, U.K. Member of the Royal College of Physicians, U.K. (1989). Postdoctoral training at the Whitehead Institute, MIT, Cambridge, USA, under the mentorship of Dr. Harvey Lodish. Received a number of awards including a Medical Research Council (U.K.) Training Fellowship (1989), a Howard Hughes Training Fellowship for Physicians (1994), a National Cancer Institute Howard Temin (KO1) Career Development Award (2002), Charles Hood Foundation Child Health Research Award (2004), American Cancer Society Scholar award (2006), UMASS Medical School Faculty Scholar award (2012), Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Scholar award (2012) and an American Society of Hematology Bridge Grant Award (2013).

  • Daniel Hidalgo

    Daniel Hidalgo, B.A., M.A

    Graduate Student, lab member since 2009
    Research Associate II 2009-2016

    Graduated from Clark University (Worcester, MA) in 2008 with a B.A. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a minor in Mathematics. Received High Honors in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. In 2009, obtained M.A. from Clark University in Biology (concentration Molecular Biology) under the mentorship of Dr. Justin Thackeray, thesis entitled 'Characterization of a new PLC-gamma mutation in Drosophila melanogaster.'

  • Yung Hwang

    Yung Hwang, B.S.

    Postdoctoral Research Associate, lab member since 2013
    PhD Student 2013-2019

    Dissertation; "The Role of S-Phase Speed During an Erythroid Transcriptional Switch" December 18th, 2019. 

    Graduated from Tzu Chi University in Taiwan in 2009 with a B.S in Life Sciences. Previous research interests included virus-induced anti-apoptotic pathways and viral vaccine development.

  • Aishwarya Swaminathan

    Aishwarya Swaminathan, Ph.D.

    Postdoctoral Research Associate, lab member since 2013

    B.Sc (2002, Botany), Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, India. M.Sc (2004, Biochemistry), Maharaja Sayajirao University, under the mentorship of Dr. Sarita Gupta, determining the effects of heavy metal toxicity on the female reproductive health of Charles foster rats. Ph.D (2010), Wayne State University, Detroit MI, USA, under the mentorship of Dr. Lori A. Pile, analyzing the effects of loss of the SIN3 co-repressor in Drosophila embryonic and larval development. Postdoctoral fellow, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2011-2013), under the mentorship of Dr. John M. Lopes, studying the mechanism of transcription regulation of phospholipid biosynthetic genes by basic helix-loop-helix proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

  • Melinda Futran

    Melinda Futran, B.A.

    Medical School Student and Lab Intern, lab member since 2015
    Research Associate 2015-2017

    Graduated from University of Delaware (Newark, DE) in 2015 with an Honors B.A. Degree in Biological Sciences and a minor in Medical Diagnostics. Previously a summer intern (2013, 2014) in the Socolovsky lab.

  • Ashley Winward

    Ashley Winward, B.S.

    Research Technician I, lab member since 2019

    Graduated from the University of New Haven (West Haven, CT) in 2015 with B.S. Degrees in Marine Biology and Environmental Science and a minor in Chemistry. Previously an Animal Care Technician for UMass Medical School.  

  • Sean Thackeray

    Sean Thackeray, B.S.

    Research Technician I, lab member since 2019

    Graduated from Connecticut College (New London, CT) in 2019 with a degree in Biology. Previously an intern with the Neurobiology Department at UMass Medical School in the Bénard Lab (2016) and Alkema Lab (2017).