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All Room Requests are made in Resource Scheduler Software

All UMass Campus Outside/External spaces must be scheduled through Resource Scheduler. These spaces are: 1) North Lawn, 2) South Lawn/Quadrangle, and 3) Basketball/Volley Ball Court.

Events attracting more than 25 external participants must notify Campus Parking (508-856-5934).

Users should:

  • Delete rooms immediately when a reserved room is no longer needed.
  • Do not hold rooms for events that are scheduled in the Cube.
  • Leave the room neat and orderly. Discard all trash and remove belongings.
  • Contact EBS at x63825 a week prior to event date for room/lobby setup requirements. (charges may apply)
  • Contact NexDine Catering at 508-856-2910 two weeks prior to event date for food/beverages or
  • Contact the Helpdesk x68643, to have a ticket opened for Communication Technologies (Audio Visual) at least 3 business days prior to the event date for equipment needs and/or training.

EBS set up/break down and A/V charges may apply for events occurring outside of regular business hours.

Failure to observe policies may result in the loss of Room Reservations privileges.

  • Room Requests for the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) can be submitted for approval the beginning of March.
  • Rooms reserved using the Room Reservation system are for classroom teaching, meetings, seminars and presentations only.  No clinical activities – dissection, phlebotomy, specimen collection, ie – can take place in meeting or classrooms.  

  • Only the Room Reservations staff is authorized to approve a room reservation from the Room Reservations Pool.
  • Only what the touch panel indicates will be honored in a conflict situation.
  • Information regarding who has reserved a room will not be released by the Room Reservations staff.
  • Only the Room Reservations staff is authorized to request a user to change or move. Any request by another party to a user to move or change a time should be reported immediately to the Room Reservations staff. Changes to your event may be made to accommodate upgrades and repairs to the room inventory.
  • Only the Room Reservations Manager may reassign or withdraw the use of a room.
  • NO TABLES are allowed in the hallways. (Local Fire/Safety Codes) The Albert Sherman Center lobby and open corridor in the ASC Cafe cannot be reserved based on fire/safety code regulations. NO vendors will be allowed in the Albert Sherman Center. The Albert Sherman Atrium areas are limited use. Only two tables for an event registration/or light refreshments are allowed.
  • FOOD AND BEVERAGE Catering service is allowed only in the rooms where it is listed in the room information.
  • POSTING on surfaces other than bulletin boards is prohibited. Notices on doors, doorframes, walls, or artwork in the Medical School will be removed.
  • Swipe Card access for S2-307D (Computer Room), must be signed out from Room Reservations (S2-333) and returned/signed in immediately after event or meeting. Public Safety will unlock all other doors in the Room Reservations Pool at night and on the weekends. All locked rooms are swipe cards access rooms. You can use your UMass Chan or UMMHC ID Badge to swipe in.
  • Holding more than one date for events (rooms, event, etc.) is not permitted.
  • All Fund Raising events need prior approval from the Office of Advancement.
  • SMOKING IS PROHIBITED in the Medical School and on the UMass Memorial Campus.

Liability Statement: The Medical School cannot be held liable for any claim or right to damages or compensation on account of any loss, damage to personal property, or expense whatsoever. The Medical School is not responsible for equipment or personal belongings that remain after a meeting or event. The Medical School assumes no liability for injury to persons present in its buildings pursuant to an authorization issued to any organization.