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Here you will find information regarding parking for employees, patients and visitors as well as vendors.

Patients and Visitors

Patients and Visitors (Self-Parking)
Self-parking patients and visitors will be directed to park on the first three levels of the South Road Parking Garage. Patients and visitors will enter the South Road Parking Garage via the east entrance and exit directly onto South Road.
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Patients and Visitors (Valet Parking)
Valet parking will continue to be available in front of the Remillard Family Pavilion.
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Patient Drop-Off/Patient Pickup
To prevent unsafe traffic conditions and congestion on Second Road in front of the Medical Center (Hospital) Main Entrance, vehicles will be required to “make the turn” and continue around the corner for a convenient and safe place to pick up and drop off patients. Employees and students who are dropped off for work or classes are encouraged to do so in front of the First Road Parking Garage across from the Medical School Entrance.

Employees and Students

Parking Updates:

Posted May 2011

  • Car Pool Parking Spaces: Are available to any 2 or more employees who choose to carpool. As new carpoolers join the program new spaces will be made available.
  • Student Parking: All Current 1st year students in the shuttle program will be able to return their shuttle tags to the parking office and get an unreserved student parking tag going into their 2nd year at an annual cost of $208.00. All incoming 1st year students must obtain a shuttle parking tag in the parking office located in room HA-531. For questions please contact the parking office at 508-856-3630 or 508-856-5934 or email them at Parking@umassmed.edu
  • New Parking Garage: A new parking garage is expected to be completed by December of 2012. The parking garage will be located at Biotech VI and will house 1400 vehicles. At the opening of this garage we expect to discontinue the shuttle programs for AOG and Spag’s. A shuttle service will be available to employees to and from the new garage and University campus.

Posted September 2010

Employees and students with unreserved parking privileges may continue to park on levels 4 (designated areas) and 5 of the South Road Parking Garage. Staff and students may enter the garage via the west or east entrances and will exit at South Road.

  • Employees and students parking in the South Road Parking Garage will be required to swipe their ID badges to enter and exit the facility.
  • The First Road Parking Garage will be designated employee/student parking only. Contact the Parking Office if you are unsure where you have permission to park:
    • Levels 1 – 5 will be for employees with reserved parking privileges specific to those floors.
    • Level 6 will be designated for students and employees with unreserved parking tags.
    • All staff and students should enter the garage via the gated entrance directly off of South Road. 
  • The Pine Tree and North Road Lots will continue to be open to students and staff with unreserved parking privileges.
  • New employees who will need parking will be automatically assigned to the Shuttle Program at the AOG or Spags19 parking lots. Directions to these lots will be given to the new employee at the time he/she signs up for parking.
  • Directions to Building 19 (Spag's) and Assembly Of God Shuttle Directions
  • Map to Shuttle Lots

Vendor Parking

Please contact the Parking office: