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Room Reservation FAQs

Q: Can I reserve the Albert Sherman Center lobby area or the open corridor area inside the ASC Cafe?
 No, the ASC lobby and open corridor cannot be reserved based on fire code regulations.

Q: Will Room Reservations confirm receipt of pending requests?
A pending email is sent electronically when a reservation is submitted in Resource Scheduler Home page.

Q: Can Room Reservations give out contact information for a room that is already booked?
No. Room Reservations does not disclose information about clients to avoid pressure being put by one group on another to release a room.

Q: What if another meeting is in the room?
 The touchpanel outside the room will list the correct meeting/class that is scheduled. If a group refuses to leave, call Room Reservations to handle the conflict. Please be aware that with the current Room Reservations software it is IMPOSSIBLE to double-book.

Q: What if the room is locked?
The only room routinely locked is the computer lab. That key may be signed out in S2-333. For all other rooms, call Campus Security at x63296 to unlock them.

Q: How far in advance can space be scheduled?
Room Reservations books on the school fiscal year: July 1st -June 30th. Any date within that time frame may be requested. Requests for the NEXT fiscal year are accepted the beginning of March. See Policies and Procedures for more information.

Q: Can rooms be scheduled on state and national holidays?

A: Room Reservations is under the University of Massachusetts Medical School, is a state agency, and is not open on national and state holidays. No audio visual, catering or EBS services will be available on national and state holidays for rooms scheduled through Reservations.

Q: How to make an appeal/complaint?
Contact the Room Reservations Coordinator by email to The appeal/complaint will be referred to the appropriate person.

Q: Are refreshments allowed in the rooms?
All rooms except the Albert Sherman Auditorium allow for refreshment, full catering services are allowed only in rooms marked "Catering Allowed".

Q: What if the scheduled room is not clean?
All groups are responsible for cleaning up after themselves (unless otherwise arranged with EBS). If a room is not clean upon arrival contact EBS and notify Room Reservations for follow up.

Q: Is the use of unoccupied rooms with out a reservation allowed? 
No.Use Resource Scheduler Quick Reserve feature to schedule a last minute space or the Touch Panel outside of the room. Unauthorized groups will be required to vacate.