Mother's Rooms

 In support of our employee’s health and wellbeing, UMMS has several Mother’s Rooms.  The rooms are available to any nursing mother who is a student or employed by UMMS or UMMHC.

University Campus

  • Equipment:  The room is equipped with a hospital grade Medela Symphony breast pump.
  • Location: S2-100B; S6-100A and S6-100B
  • Access: Send an email to to receive badge access.
  • Privacy: Only those given pass card access can enter the room.  When someone is in the room a red light outside the room will indicate that it is “occupied.”

 South Street Building

The room is divided into two private spaces to accommodate two nursing mother’s at one time.

  • Equipment: Each space is equipped with a hospital grade Medela Symphony breast pump.
  • Location:2nd floor of Building 1 (SHR 1-2)
  • Access:  Send an email to  to receive badge access.
  • Privacy: The room locks when you close the door. There is a “Privacy” sign that you should put outside the door when in use. When finished, put the “privacy” sign inside the room.

Schrafft’s Center  (Charlestown, MA)

  • Equipment: Refrigerator, PC
  • Location: 3.635 (3rd Floor)
  • Access: (contact person/email): Book room through CHCF Facilities through Formstack  CHCF ]
  • Privacy: Lock on door and Occupied Sign

MassBiologics (Mattapan, MA)

  • Location: Mattapan II Building: Room 2034

We hope you enjoy these rooms.  For questions or comments please contact Cynthia Cote at or x6-2264.

 To order accessories via the Internet visit the following sites:

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