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UMass Neurosurgery Epilepsy Program

The UMass Neurosurgery Epilepsy Program provides a wide range of treatment options for patients with epilepsy.  Our multidisciplinary team of neurosurgeons and neurologists work together to diagnose and treat all forms of epilepsy.  We have a Level 4 comprehensive epilepsy center with epilepsy neurologists skilled in the management of seizures using medications.  However, when more than medication is needed, our fellowship-trained epilepsy surgeons provide the full range of surgical options for treating medication-resistant epilepsy, including long-term invasive monitoring, stereotactic placement of depth electrodes, awake craniotomy with electrical brain mapping for language and motor assessment, vagal nerve stimulator placement, disconnective and resective surgery, responsive neurostimulation, and interstitial laser ablation for temporal lobe and hypothalamic lesions. In addition, we are leaders in the growing field of robotic surgery for epilepsy.

Our epilepsy surgeons are pioneers in epilepsy care, research and education.  They have authored one of the world’s leading textbooks on epilepsy surgery, and are using computational modeling and electrophysiological brain wave data obtained from epilepsy patients to better understand how seizures develop. Together with other doctors and scientists, they are working to develop new and improved therapies for epilepsy patients.

To refer a patient, schedule an appointment with our Neurosurgery Epilepsy team or contribute to our epilepsy research, call 508-334-0605.