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Clinician Educator Track


The Clinician Education Track was founded to encourage those residents who are interested in becoming Clinician Educators pursue further knowledge throughout their residency. In this track, interested residents are supported to pursue scholarship and practice their teaching to medical students, junior residents, and colleagues. The Neurology Residency Program values teaching at the core of what is expected of all residents and so have general Resident as Educator curriculum that is given to all residents. This particular track is designed for those looking to pursue education in even more depth as a career focus.


  • Strengthen educational leadership skills
  • Recognize varying learning theories and how to adapt to individual needs
  • Develop an educational scholarship project

Objectives/goals for each year in training:


  •  meet with mentor to begin developing plans for scholarship


  • Lead journal club (will work with mentor on this)
  • One week ‘teaching’ elective (working with mentor in track)
      • Within that week:
        • Lead micro-teaching session
        • Give feedback to PGY-2 level residents while on wards or other rotations
        • Work with medical students in neuro exams and observe feedback (during their osce)
        • Lead a case discussion with medical students
        • Continue design of the educational project


  • Present scholarship at research night
  • Elective for ‘teaching’ two week (trial teaching skills, leading morning reports etc.)
      • Within those two weeks (varies for each individual)
        • Lead morning report for the week (having designed your curriculum for the week)
        • Lead emergency neurology simulation
        • Continue on feedback giving to med students and PGY-2s
  • Lead journal club

Specific requirements:

  • Attend the monthly noontime meeting on educational topics: curriculum design, feedback, learning theories etc., this is a three-year rotating curriculum with early and important topics repeated
  • Development of an educational scholarship project over the course of three years
  • Attend a medical education conference (there are a variety of ones we will suggest but this is certainly open to your choice) at least once throughout the three years; funding is given to support this in addition to the usual funding of conferences through the residency
  • Mentorship within the track to work on teaching styles and develop the scholarship project


Personal Statement of interest