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Intern giving presentation to IT staff of work completed

As an intern, you will have an opportunity to be trained in the following categories, depending on your role and assigned team. If you are interested in learning from the list below reach out to your mentor or supervisor. 


A tool used to track bugs, issues and for project management. Click here to learn more about Jira

TFS: (Team Foundation Server)

Microsoft product used for code management, reporting, project management, automated builds, etc. Click here to learn more about TFS

Agile/ Scrum: 

Scrum is a subset of Agile. Agile is a process framework for development and is highly used at UMass Chan IT department. Click here to learn more about Agile/ Scrum 

ServiceNow (SNOW):

ServiceNow is a management enterprise used by IT and for every department at UMass Chan Medical School. If a client has an enquiry, they will go to Helpdesk or enter their issue through Service Now. Click here to get familiar with SNOW 


Episerver is a content management system used to customize and add content for our UMass Chan web pages. Click here to learn more about Episerver 

Lab Archives: 

Lab Archives is an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) system that is flexible and intuitive that supports collaboration, a safe and secure environment to store all of the researchers’ data notes, protocols, methodology and data. Click here for more information about Lab Archives

Click here for other software applications that might interest you