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About Our Internship

Program Overview

UMass Chan Medical School Innovation Internship Program Information Technology is a paid internship and is designed to improve our Central Massachusetts community. We seek to demonstrate that world class job opportunities exist in Worcester County. We are here to leverage our very unique technology environment to give exceptional internships to the most talented students and recent graduates, thereby fostering their potential. Here interns will be exposed to hands-on experience in a specific area of their interest. They will work side by side with innovative people who value their passion and creativity. We are a team that is devoted to advancing the health and well-being of the people in Massachusetts by developing cutting-edge technology in education, research, and medicine. To learn more about UMass Chan Medical School, go to 

UMass Chan is a community where as an Intern you will have the opportunity to apply yourself, learn valuable skills, and help to further the mission of the university.  UMass Chan Medical School IT collaborates with Work Without Limits, a network of employers, educational institutions, employment service providers, state and federal agencies, individuals with disabilities and their family members.  Through collaboration and partnership, Work Without Limits goal is to increase the employment of people with disabilities until it is equal to those without disabilities.  Work Without Limits programs and services are geared to meet the needs of businesses that actively recruit people with disabilities as employees and in their supply chains individuals with disabilities who are seeking jobs, and the employement providers that serve them.

The Program offers students:

  • Summer and ongoing internship
  • Projects that are exciting and innovate 
  • Opportunity to be guided and mentored by expirienced IT professionals  
  • Program includes networking, mentoring, hands-on work, training and skill development
  • Opportunity to discover your passions and interests

We offer internship roles in the following areas including but not limited to:

  • Engineering (with focus on AWS cloud solutions)
  • Security
  • Data Integration and Analysis
  • IT Operations
  • Social media and marketing

**Don't see anything that interests you on the Open Positions page? Please let us know what Internship UMass Chan Medical School IT can offer you by Contacting Us.

Program Selection Criteria:

Students interested in submitting an application for the Program should meet the following criteria:

Must be highly motivated 
• Must have an interest in furthering the mission of UMass Chan Medical School
• Must have a strong interest in one of the program's offered
• Must have above average academic performance
• Must complete the on-line application. This includes attaching a resume and a short essay stating their proven interest in IT and why we should offer them this opportunity
• Must  have completed Associate degree; be a college student or recent graduate

General Duties of the Intern:

Provide proof of enrollment or recent graduation
• Observe all workplace rules
• Remain in outstanding academic standing if current student
• Adhere to established work schedule
• Inform supervisor if work schedule needs to be changed for any reason
• Adhere to Internship Program Requirements
• Read on-boarding packet 
• Perform, successfully, the assigned specifics objectives of the project
• Upon completion of the program present to UMass Chan Community about the project