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RN First Assist Course




 Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing

You must upload a copy/screenshot of you professional nursing license when you register for the class.

RN First Assist is made up of a two-course requirement: 

  • Fall – N610H
  • Spring – N611H
    • *N610H is a prerequisite for N611H

Thank you for your interest in the RN First Assist Course. 

  • Consistent with the guidelines put forth by the AORN, our program consists of two 3 credit graduate courses. 
  • The first, N610H is theory based and is offered as a blended course.  There are 3 live all day classes that take place on Saturdays. The live classes will emphasize a hands-on component of the weekly online modules.  Simulation exercises in our new Carlin OR simulation suite at the UMass Chan Medical school address sterile technique, identification of minor/major surgical instrumentation as well as elements of chole laparoscopy.  The last live class provides a suturing workshop. (3 credits)
  • The second course N611H is focused on the practicum experience.  Students are required to complete 270 hours with their identified preceptor(s).  The use of an online software, Typhon will allow to students to not only document their hours, but to document procedures and clinical experiences.  Weekly only exercises and reflection journaling are required to guide the student through this clinical experience. (3 credits)

Tuition 23-24 Academic Year


RNFA Program Costs

RNFA Courses

Non-Degree Registration Fee

Online Technology Fee ($26/unit)

TYPHON Software Fee

Tuition (online)


Total cost

(per student)

Fall 2023

N610H (3 unit)






Spring 2024

N611H (3 unit)






 After registering and receiving the payment notification email, payment must be made within 72 hours. 

  • Students are required to purchase the core curriculum for the RNFA (AORN) text
  • This program is open to BSN prepared RNs with a CNOR, advanced practice nurses or students currently in an advanced practice graduate program.

**Students are responsible for identifying a preceptor and securing a clinical placement

For more information, please contact Dr. Maureen Wassef, Director of Continuing Education at

Francis Sabas, DNP 2 ACNP student shares his day in a life as a student in the RNFA program.