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Admissions Supplemental Application Fee Waiver

The following is an overview of the Admissions Supplemental Application Fee Waiver Request Process.

Supplemental Application Fee waiver requests must be explicitly requested after submitting their NursingCAS application and paying the NursingCAS Fee. Once these two steps are completed, applicants may request a fee waiver for the Supplemental Application Fee. Waivers are not offered for the NursingCAS fee.

If seeking a supplemental fee waiver, applicants should not pay the Supplemental Admissions Application Fee when prompted until hearing a decision on their request. Application fees are non-refundable. 

Once an applicant pays the Supplemental Application Fee we will be unable to issue any refunds.

  • Application for admission will be considered “incomplete” until all materials are received, the NursingCAS fee is paid and the Supplemental Application Fee is either paid or waived.
    • All application requirements should be submitted via NursingCAS, including payment of the NursingCAS Fee, in order for a fee waiver request to be considered.
  • A request for a waived Admission Application Fee will NOT impact nor influence any admissions decision.

  • Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing Alumni, McNair Scholar, Active-duty Military, Veteran, Reserves or National Guard  applicants will receive an automatic admissions fee waiver and do not need to submit a waiver request.

Eligibility Criteria:

The following should be included on the Supplemental Admissions Application Fee Waiver Request Form in order to be considered -

  • Applicants must submit the Supplemental Admissions Application Fee Waiver Request Form (see below)
  • Applicants should detail the following:
    • demonstrate how the Admissions Supplemental Application Fee presents a financial barrier
    • demonstrate how having access to graduate nursing education would benefit them and their personal/career goals

Overview of Waiver Request Process:

Waiver requests are processed on a case-by-case basis. Once a determination has been made the student will be notified in writing, by email. This information will not be released over the phone for privacy reasons; further, information concerning a student over 18 years of age cannot be released to the parent(s) or guardian as this information is covered under FERPA (the Privacy Act).

Please note: Unless they are not physically or mentally able to do so, this process should be initiated and completed by the prospective student.

Questions concerning this process should be directed to the Admissions Manager at 508-856-3488.

The form can only be accessed by logging into your applicant status page on the supplemental application (Slate): Access Here