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The Division of General Internal Medicine is directed by:Weinstein Gen Med.png

Deborah Blazey-Martin, MD, MPH, Division Chief

Welcome to the Division of General Internal Medicine. I am proud to be part of a talented division comprised of world-class colleagues committed to providing exceptional patient care in adult primary care medicine and to teaching our medical students and doctors in training to follow in our footsteps. Our diverse faculty provide both breadth and depth in their experience and expertise.

Our goal as a division is to create a patient-centered focus on high-quality, evidence-based health care, for our patients and communities with specific goals to facilitate comprehensive, coordinated, and continuous primary care and work closely with our specialty colleagues in the delivery of best care while remaining very focused on the patient experience.

Part of the core mission of the Division of General Internal Medicine is the training of our medical students, physician trainees, and faculty. As a division, we have some of the most skilled clinician-educators, teachers, and educational leaders at the medical center. Our mission is to recognize the deep commitment that fosters peace within each chosen role and to further the career development of our students and trainees.

I'm especially proud of our ability to facilitate team building and communication within and between our many disciplines. Our cooperative team approach allows us to provide holistic, multidisciplinary care for each of our patients and allows for cooperation amongst all our campuses.

The impact of the care we provide goes well beyond our own on-campus health system but in our larger health care community through our nationally recognized research, education and clinical programs.

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