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University of Massachusetts/Amherst School of Public Health and Health Sciences

          Nutritional Epidemiology
             Public Health Informatics
             Health Program Planning
             Program Evaluation of Health and Human Services Organizations
             Introduction to Health Politics and Policy
             Ethical Issues in Public Health
             Financial Management of Health Institutions
             Health Economics and Reimbursement
             Public Health Law
             Public Health Emergency Management
             Current Topics in Public Health
             Communication Theory
             Health Disparities
             Health Care Organization and Administration
             Comparative Healthcare Systems
             Environmental Compliance and Regulations
             Leadership in Public Health Systems
             Risk Assessment and Management
             Relationship Between Health, Religion and Spirituality
             Public Health, Aging and Health Policy
             Emerging Diseases
             Globalization and Health     
             International Health and Population Development
             Social Justice and Public Health
             Violence as a Public Health Issue