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What is Optimizely CMS?

Optimizely’s powerful application framework makes it easy for our developers to create sophisticated templates and add-ons that extend the power of Optimizely into virtually unlimited directions so that we can fully optimize it for faculty and students needs at UMass Chan Medical School. Based on .NET, Optimizely allows smooth integration with UMass Chan existing Microsoft infrastructure, Active Directory, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and SharePoint.

With Optimizely, UMass Chan web editors have the ability to recover accidentally deleted and important content within seconds, upload and delete images and files in bulk, create forms with no code knowledge. Our CMS’s automatic layout editing further simplifies layout and page design as you can drag and drop, re-arrange and re-order blocks with images, text, and documents from the assets pane, and see the updates in real time. Getting a fully functioning new site up and running becomes a very quick and easy task. 



Some of the examples of what we have developed and provide today with our CMS platform: 

  • More than 50 Blocks, such as Hero Sliders, Link Listings, News Listing, FAQs, RSS, Forms, Calendar, Video, HTML, Recent Blog Posts and much more.
  • Analytics/ Statistics
  • Document Library
  • Meta Data Tags
  • Publishing Workflow
  • Search
  • Taxonomy
  • Blogs with Disqus comments
  • SEO Tools
  • Youtube integration
  • Hero Slider with captions and Image Galleries
  • Events Calendar

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