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UMass Chan Medical School REDCap is secure web-based application for building and managing online surveys and databases. This application was developed at Vanderbilt University.

UMass Chan Medical School deploys REDCap application for use by our researchers and their study collaborators. Clinical study groups utilize REDCap functions via an intuitive interface to generate custom databases and/or surveys for data collection and study management including site and personnel management. REDCap provides audit trails for tracking data manipulation and export procedures, as well as seamless data downloads to common statistical packages and data import from non-REDCap data sources. UMass Chan Medical School REDCap is supported by the Research Technology Division of Information Technology (IT).

The UMass Chan Medical School REDCap application resides in a secure network environment based on ISO 27002 designed to support PHI data capture and storage.

The REDCap application is accessed only through the graphical user interface and is LDAP and password protected. All REDCap non-system level users only have visibility to data in databases permitted for access. In a REDCap database, PHI data export and visibility on web pages can be managed by tagging such data fields in a REDCap data dictionary during the database setup process with appropriate role assignments using REDCap's “User Right”.

In addition, the REDCap Send-it function is used for encrypted data file transfer via the internet.

REDCap Application Highlights

  • Online or offline project design
    Online using the Online Designer or offline using a “data dictionary” template in Microsoft Excel that can be uploaded later into REDCap. 

  • Secure and web-based
    Input data or build an online survey or database from anywhere in the world over a secure web connection with authentication and data logging.

  • Fast and flexible
    Conception to production-level database or survey in less than one day.

  • Multi-site access
    REDCap databases/surveys can be used by researchers from multiple sites and institutions.

  • Fully customizable
    You are in total control of shaping your database or survey.
  • Audit trails
    For tracking data manipulation and user activity.

  • Automated export procedures
    For seamless data downloads to Excel, PDF, and common statistical packages (SPSS, SAS, Stata, R).

  • A built-in project calendar

  • A scheduling module

  • Ad hoc reporting tools

  • Many advanced features
    Such as branching logic, file uploading, and calculated fields.