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McAfee Anti Virus Solution

Strong, simple, and fast, McAfee® Complete Endpoint Protection—Enterprise suite provides real-time visibility into security and risk along with unified management. McAfee delivers the highest scoring threat protection to all of your devices, from servers and virtual machines to PCs and mobile devices—in one easy-to-manage, integrated solution. Guard systems and data against complex, stealthy threats with dynamic application control, behavioral intrusion prevention, instant risk assessment, hardware-enhanced security to defend against rootkits, and global threat intelligence across all threat vectors.  

McAfee Anti-Virus Solution & UMass Chan Medical School 

UMass Chan-owned computers must have the managed anti-virus client installed if the computer is used to access and/or store Highly Restricted Use, Confidential and/or Internal data. In order to receive up-to-date anti-virus protection, please ensure the UMass Chan-owned computer has McAfee -- assistance for enrollment in both programs can be coordinated by the IT help desk .

  • Information on how to enroll a Window’s computer is available on the UMass Chan IT Website
  • Information on how to enroll a Mac through Casper is also available on the UMass Chan IT Website
  • Please note that Windows XP no longer receives security updates and should not be used
  • Personal laptops, for example student devices, should have an up to date anti-virus client installed as well as being patched regularly. UMass Chan currently provides McAfee anti-virus client free to students. Please contact the help desk. You are also encouraged use Windows Update, Apple Software Update, or an application like Secunia PSI to identify programs on your computer in need of security update.