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Dan Mullen Award for Scientific Achievement Winners

Given for excellence in poster preparation and presentation at the Annual Basic Science Research Retreat.


Cesar Bautista Sotelo
Single-Cell Analysis of Somatic Mutations in Human Brain and Skeletal Muscle During Aging 
Mentor: Dr. Michael Lodato 

Ailsa Jeffries
The bidirectional relationship between the aging genome and transcriptome in the human brain
Mentor: Dr. Michael Lodato

Calvin Johnson
Tumor-derived PTHrP molds an immunosuppressive microenvironment
Mentor: Dr. Jason Pitarresi 

Jesse Lehman
Temporal Regulation of mRNA Biogenesis in Innate Immune Responses
Mentor: Dr. Athma Pai 


Milky Abajorga
Development of “innate” and “adaptive” piRNA responses protecting the germline from retroviruses
Mentors: William Theurkauf, PhD and Jeremy Luban, MD

Xavier Gonzalez
C. elegans Host Defense Pathways Protect Against Microbiota Cryptic Virulence
Mentor: Javier E. Irazoqui, PhD

Sunil Guharajan
Exploring the Connection Between Transcription Factor (TF) Regulation and Promoter Strength
Mentor:  Robert C. Brewster, PhD 

I-Hao Wang
Spatial transcriptomic reconstruction of the mouse olfactory glomerular map suggests principles of odor processing
Mentor:  Paul Greer, PhD


Sage Foley
Microbiome regulation of intestinal P-glycoprotein expression in maintenance of homeostasis
Mentor: Beth McCormick, PhD

Ethan Loew
The “Microbiome-gut-brain axis” in Alzheimer’s disease and its role in neurocognitive decline
Mentor: Beth McCormick, PhD

Naema Nayyar
CDK pathway inhibition with Abemaciclib improves intracranial and extracranial response to checkpoint blockade in pre-clinical models of brain metastasis
Mentor: Michael Brehm, PhD

Jacob Stillman
Microglial autofluorescent signal:  An important consideration when studying synapse engulfment
Mentor: Dorothy Schafer, PhD


Emily Agnello
Mentor: Brian Kelch, PhD

Christine Carbone
Mentor: Andrei Korostelev, PhD

Hao-Ching Jiang
Mentor: Paul Greer, PhD

Naema Nayyar
Mentor: Michael Brehm, PhD


Kyvan Dang
Mentor: Junhao Mao, PhD

Tatenda Kadungure
Mentor: Hong Zhang, PhD

Joseph Magrino
Mentor: Brian Kelch, PhD

Brittany Rosener
Mentor: Amir Mitchell, PhD


Anne Carlisle
Mentor: Dohoon Kim, PhD

Kyle Gellatly
Mentor: Manuel Garber, PhD

Krishna Ghanta
Mentor: Craig Mello, PhD

Jooyoung Lee
Mentor: Erik Sontheimer, PhD


Georgia Gunner
Microglia mediate sensory experience-induced synaptic remodeling in the rodent somatosensory system
Mentor: Dorothy Schafer, PhD

Ashley Matthew
Elucidating the structural and dynamic mechanisms of resistance against HCV NS3/4A protease inhibitors
Mentor: Celia Schiffer, PhD

Jason Yang
CD8+ T cells specific to an immunodominant Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) antigen have limited recognition on Mtb infected cells
Mentor: Samuel Behar, MD, PhD