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Medical Student Opportunities

The Division of Undergraduate Education is committed to providing a complete learning experience for medical students.  The knowledge of life supportive measures as well as the recognition and management of common medical emergencies are fundamental for all health care providers.  Emergency medicine faculty are committed to these priorities by providing instruction through lectures, workshops and bedside teaching.  Based at suburban and Level I Trauma centers, our EDs have care areas that include urgent, non-urgent, trauma and observational units providing care to more than 135,000 patients per year. 

In addition to formal electives, the division supports the Emergency Medicine Interest Group activities including simulation, ultrasound workshops and career guidance meetings and opportunities to attend emergency medicine lectures.   

The division also offers career guidance and support throuhg individual advising and precepting as well as holding panel discussions several times a year.

Are you looking for a great place to do a rotation in emergency medicine? Then consider the Emergency Medicine Residency Program at UMass Chan Medical School!

For the 2021-2022 academic year, we will be welcoming visiting students to rotate in our Emergency Department after August 1st.  

Emergency Medicine Clinical Clerkship (Sub-I) (EM-404) 
For those interested in learning the fundamentals of recognition and treatment of urgent conditions, our 4-week clerkship provides an exciting training experience with clinical experiences complemented by a didactic workshop curriculum including ultrasound and simulation. 

Introduction to Toxicology (EM 4448) 

Emergency Medicine Ultrasound (EM 4115) 

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)/Pre-Hospital Care (EM-4131) 

Wilderness Medicine Elective (Fourth-year students) (ME-4155/EM-4155) - Please make ‘Wilderness Medicine Elective’ a hyperlink for 
The course is a combination of lectures, hands-on skills training, and simulation scenarios that help students learn treatment of common injuries and illnesses encountered in the wilderness setting.  Topics include those rarely covered in traditionalclinical rotations, including altitude illness, avalanche, lightning, snake bites, toxic plants and dive emergencies. Students will learn splinting, emergency patient transport, and life-saving wilderness procedures. We will also discuss wilderness survival skills and differences in triage and treatment in austere environments.  The class will be available to medical students, residents, fellows and other interested medical professionals.  Medical students are given priority in class registration.  Class will involve daily self-study reading assignments with evening sessions from 5-8 p.m. Monday-Thursday on the University Campus and a Saturday all-day outdoor session with possible weather-dependent overnight session Friday and Saturday (location TBA).

Wilderness Medicine Optional Enrichment Elective (first- and second-year medical students) (OE-916) 
This elective teaches first- and second-year students to identify and manage common injuries and illnesses in wilderness and recreational settings. The principles and practice of wilderness medicine will be presented through a combination of classroom-based didactic sessions and outdoors-based simulated medical scenarios. Topics include field assessment, splinting, patient evacuation and transport survival skills, medical kit design, environmental emergencies, and an introduction to wilderness disaster triage. Participants learn to provide care as a team, and experiential learning will be stressed throughout. The course will consist of six sessions that will span both the fall and spring semesters. The course is led by second-year students, with additional instruction by third and fourth year students as well as UMass Chan EM residents and attendings.  Those who take the course as first years will have the opportunity to create a longitudinal experience in wilderness medicine during their second year by teaching the course themselves.

EM Research 
The department continues with its strong track record of internationally recognized research including projects in substance abuse, toxicology, tobacco, suicide prevention, biobehavioral informatics, industrial engineering and process improvement, emergency ultrasound, emergency cardiology, critical care and sepsis.  Student opportunities may be available for different durations of time during their studies.  For more information, please contact Edwin Boudreaux, PhD, professor of emergency medicine, at 

For further information, contact: 

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Jennifer Carey, MD 
Director, Undergraduate Medical Education 
Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine 

Office Address: 

Department of Emergency Medicine 
UMass Chan Medical School 
55 Lake Avenue North, LA-185 
Worcester, Mass. 01655 
fax: 508-421-1490